Losing an instrument can be very stressful.  Luckily,  We offer Lost Instrument Bonds for persons and corporations to help alleviate these stressful situations.

If an instrument in your possession is lost, stolen, or destroyed; the Lost Instrument Bond is necessary for the instrument to be replaced by the instrument's issuing authority.

The purpose of the Lost Instrument Bond is to ensure that the corporation, shareholders, and transfer agents are protected against any claims that may arise as a result of the instrument being replaced.  This Lost Instrument Bond also serves as a guarantee that if the lost instrument is found at a later point in time, it will be returned to the Surety writing this Lost Instrument Bond for proper disposal so future economic loss from this instrument cannot occur.

To obtain a Lost Instrument Bond, the instrument must be lost for a minimum of 30 days; and the term of the Lost Instrument Bond is one year.

The Lost Instrument Bond is based upon your personal credit and it is very important that the financial section of the Lost Instrument Bond application is filled out completely.  It is also required that you also send a statement that details the circumstances surrounding your lost instrument and the date of loss.

Please click on the application link below and fax it to us to get your Lost Instrument Bond quote within 24 hours!

Lost Instrument Bond Application